Spire Industrial Equipments Co.

Inspection & Testing

Name of Third Party Inspection Agencies

  • M/s. Beauro Veritas

  • M/s. Uhde India Limited
  • M/s. Kaverner Power Gas India Ltd.
  • M/s. tecnimont ICB Limited.
  • M/s. TATA Consulting Engineers.
  • M/s. Hindustan Latex Limited, Trivandrum.
  • M/s. D.G.N.P.(Director General Naval Projects)
  • M/s. Indian rare Earths Limited.
  • M/s. TOYO Engineering India Limited.
  • M/s. Bax Counsel.
  • M/s. TUV India Private Limited.


We Provide all types of tests which will be done at any Govt. approved laboratories as per the clients requirement. Following are the list of Test majorly conducted by us :